Silvia Dellai

As half of Italy's infamous Dellai Sisters, tiny babe Silvia Dellai is two times the trouble. Slim, gorgeous, and covered in sexy tattoos, she might be one of the loveliest newcomers in Europe. But don't let that angelic smile fool you, because you're looking at the naughtier of the pair! It was Silvia who convinced her sweet sis Eveline to leave their hometown of Trento to join Prague's thriving porn industry in 2015. The spinners get busy on separate sets, before coming home to their shared apartment, where they stage wild, all-night parties with the hottest talent in town. Then rinse and repeat, the very next day! Playing hard, and working even harder, it wasn't long before America started calling. After all, from her perfectly petite bod to raw sexual energy, Silvia Dellai was born for global stardom. Snagging a breakthrough scene on DP, she's thrilled to be showing new fans just how passionate an Italian goddess can be! When Silvia isn't touring the XXX world, she's a devoted fashionista who loves indulging in designer clothes and makeup. Naturally fit and flawless, she never sets foot in a gym, preferring to enjoy gelato by the pool instead. Always living la dolce vita, let Silvia Dellai be the sweet treat to accompany your evening cappuccino.

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