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    Atsushi returns to his hometown to attend a friend's wedding. He meets Nozomi Arimura again, his best friend since childhood. In the past, the two were always together, Atsushi often went to Nozomi Arimura's house to visit, and both families often gave each other vegetables. MINAMO is currently living alone in the house left by her grandmother. Because she is a girl, Nozomi Arimura wants to ask Atsushi to fix the light bulb. Being free, Atsushi agreed. The two sat drinking water, talking about Atsushi's past, present, and family life. Speaking of having children, Nozomi Arimura immediately went to kiss him, inviting him to "practice making babies" together. baby" to her. Unable to resist Nozomi Arimura's charm, the two fucked each other for the three days Atsushi was here, and of course Nozomi Arimura's uterus was always filled with his sperm. When he returned, Atsushi promised to come back here to see her again...