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    Sumika (Kanade Miyu), a married woman fascinated by strange pleasures that never intersect with her husband, receives anal training from a certain SM fanatic, and becomes a turned wife. Thai people are even in pain to the point of cramping their internal organs. inside and out It's over. Sumika twisted her tight body as she grabbed the vegetables that were screwed into the two holes between her crotch and shed tears of humiliation when she saw the banana excrement. Hanging from a nose hook, it stimulates the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. Torture torture by whipping fiercely on white skin and mercilessly dripping hot wax onto swollen skin. An incredible anal intercourse that repeats the deep throat climax right before choking with a violent piston that flips the intestinal wall inside out. When she finds ultimate pleasure in unimaginable pain, Sumika will be freed from morality and ethics to reach the pinnacle of sexual emotions.
     Movie Code: BDSM-070 
     Movie Studio:  
     Actor: Miyu Kanade